Circular Hole Cutter Hole Cutting Tool for Leather, Fabric


Please Note: For Bigger than 38mm Circular Cutting Knife, You need Manual Impact Press.

You can easily use it in mass production, small-scale jobs or for hobby purposes. You can perform circular cutting operations on products such as leather, fabric and cardboard.

Cutter is used with adaptor and base. There must be base at bottom part of machine. As the base size related with cutter size and can be used for multiple size, listing does not include base. Listing includes only cutter and adaptor.

The cutting diameter of the No. 16 cutter is 18 mm. No16 cutter is used for No 16 capsule button.

The cutting diameter of the No. 18 cutter is 20 mm. No18 cutter is used for No 18 capsule button.

The cutting diameter of the No. 20 cutter is 22 mm. No20 cutter is used for No 20 capsule button and so on…

Usage areas:
Coat / Jacket / Coat
Wallet / Gloves / Leather Clothing
Baby / Kids Clothing
Work Aprons
Car Warehouse
Drapery Products
Stationery products


No#16-18mm, No#18-20mm, No#20-22mm, No#22-24mm, No#24-26mm, No#26-28mm, No#28-30mm, No#30-32mm, No#32-34mm, No#36-38mm, No#38-40mm, No#40-42mm, No#44-46mm, No#50-52mm, No#60-62mm, Base for 18-28mm, Base for 30-40mm, Base for 42-62mm


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